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MGW Staging is a boutique home staging company providing expert services to homeowners, real estate professionals, builders & real estate developers in the Boston & Greater Boston neighborhoods. 

Who We Are

A Boutique company offering a fresh perspective on home staging.


MGW Staging aims to take the standard status quo out and brings a fresh & vibrant perspective to home staging. Our focus ranges from the distinct styles of old Boston Brownstones to spectacular soaring towers, new construction homes, and graceful Victorians to name a few. 


Not all homes are the same, so why stage them all alike? Each home deserves to be staged with respect to its own architectural style. We bring style and sophistication to each home, highlighting features & amplifying marketability.​

  • Decor Setup

  • New Construction

  • Space Planning

  • Model Units

  • Color Consulting

  • De-Clutter Services

  • Vacant & Furnished Homes

  • Full & Partial Staging

  • Design Assistance

  • Partnership with Architects​

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Founder, Mariana Galstian.

With 17 years of experience in residential renovations and real estate, our founder Mariana Galstian has developed a deep understanding of how to enhance the architectural style of a property by carefully selecting furniture that captures its essence and character. Through her work with sellers, Mariana realized the transformative power of home staging, which not only made a significant impact on the presentation of their homes but also led to increased profits.

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